31 Day Challenge: Day 1

Let me start off by saying “Happy 1st of May”.  It’s been an interesting few weeks (weather wise) and I’m excited for the upcoming months.  Unfortunately, today is raining and my Seasonal Affective Disorder is on fritz, but I’m sure by the start of the weekend when Cinco de Mayo comes around, my “spirits” will be high.  So, in honor of my hopes for a wonderful 31 days of May, I have chosen to partake in a writing challenge.  This challenge would push me to blog more often, as well as explore and share parts of myself that I may feel uncomfortable doing.

I posses a list of different personal questions to be used throughout the month of May.  The idea is for me to honestly answer each question and blog my response.  Some of the questions are more invasive than others, and I’m sure my responses will be in-depth and emotional.  Shit, I may even find myself tearing up.

The reason I’m doing this is because I believe I’m a fucked up individual.  I have a lot of problems and issues’ swarming in this big head of mines.  This is probably the closest thing to a therapist I can afford (damn I need better health insurance).  The idea of me recording and expressing myself in a positive manner instead of running to the closest liquor store is something completely new to me, but I think I can make it through the month. 

Now that that’s all said, Lets get rolling on this first question.

Q: What is your full name?

A: Brandon Timothy McCall

I was told that there is only one thing given to you at birth in which you will be remembered by at death.  And the answer to this riddle is your name, although I incorrectly answered HIV (sad).  No matter whom you are or what you have done, your name goes a long way.  It’s the first thing you use when meeting a new person and the last thing someone will remember depending on the impression you leave on them.  Without a name what would we be?

I love my name, and I’m proud to call it my own.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of nicknames.  This depends on the context in which you call me (wink, wink).  But in the end of it all, my name is Brandon Timothy McCall.  Nice to meet you!


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